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Our Fees

Health Care Fee Schedule for Puffin Chiropractic, 02/01/2018-present In accordance with AS 18.23.400.

Our patients at Puffin Chiropractic will be provided with an estimate of any charges prior to receiving care upon request. Please never hesitate to ask for information in regard to fees.

Puffin Chiropractic is contracted as In-Network preferred provider with Aetna, Premera Blue Cross of Alaska, Noridian Medicare, Denali Kid Care Alaska Medicaid, VA AK TriWest (fees are contracted at specific rates- typically lower). Many other insurance carriers (not listed here) allow Alaska providers as “In-Network” due to our rural status. We also accept Workers Comp and Personal Injury/Auto claims. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.

Common Evaluation/Management

Billing Code Description Fee (USD)
New Patient Exam, Limited
New Patient Exam, Detailed
Established Patient Exam, Brief
Established Patient Exam, Limited

Common Physical Medicine

Billing Code Description Fee (USD)
Chiropractic Adjustment 1-2 Regions
Chiropractic Adjustment 3-4 Regions
Extra-Spinal Adjustment (shoulder, ankle, rib, etc)
Therapeutic Exercise per 15 min
Therapeutic Activity per 15 min

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is an initial visit at Puffin Chiropractic? Every visit is specific to each patient. Depending on your health insurance or paying out-of-pocket can change the patient’s financial responsibility. Typically, the first visit ranges from $140 to $300, some individuals may have a co-pay as low as $10, some individuals may have $0.00 out-of-pocket responsibility. Best to call the office for a benefit quote to find out your specific needs and coverage.
  • How long are the in-office appointments? First time visits typically are 30 minutes, but up to 90 minutes. Depending on the extent of your past health history, current injury or length of care can make the time vary. Follow-up visits vary from 5 minutes up to 120 minutes, again, depending on your specific treatment needs.
  • Do you provide treatment on the first visit? Short answer, yes. Long answer, after your detailed history and focused examination. Treatment options based on your specific needs will be discussed and then provided based on medical necessity and financial agreement.
  • Are x-rays performed on the 1st visit? Short answer, no. Long answer, x-ray, CT, MRI and/or Ultrasound imaging is not performed on the 1st visit, unless there is a direct reason to perform. Imaging is performed based on medical necessity (past history, previous imaging, current examination findings, trauma indicating need, etc). Treatment options that are safe and effective will be provided if imaging is not available at the time of the first visit.

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